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Find Out Facts Fruit To Cough Here

Find Out Facts Fruit To Cough Here

Basically, the cough is not a sign to a serious illness, though in fact often considered intrusive coughing patient comfort in living activity. However, you need not worry because there are a wide variety of fruits to relieve cough.

Coughing is a natural response of the body in cleansing the respiratory tract of phlegm and the presence of foreign objects cause irritation. In general, the cough will be cured within three weeks so it does not require the consumption of chemical drugs. On the other hand, for those who want to relieve cough more quickly through natural handling, you can consume hot tea or a hot bath, or eating certain fruits.

Eating fruits to Handle Cough

The fruit turned out to be a viable alternative in relieving cough experienced. In addition, you benefit from the fruit of various nutrients, such as vitamins, phosphorus, folic acid, and other minerals. The nutritional content of fruits was able to protect against a wide range of other diseases. Well, for those of you who are cough, cough following a suitable fruit for consumption.


A study showed that the content of bromelain in pineapple stems and fruits can help relieve cough with phlegm in the throat shed manner. Lodging in an attempt to relieve cough, eat a slice of pineapple or about 90 ml of fresh pineapple juice three times a day. Given the benefits of other pineapple, fruit is claimed to relieve sinusitis due to allergies. However, it still requires further clinical studies to prove it.

Bromelain benefits not only be derived from pineapple, but also from bromelain supplements. However, children and patients who are undergoing blood-thinning therapy is not recommended to take supplements bromelain. For those who are undergoing antibiotic therapy amoxicillin also have to be careful because the consumption of bromelain supplements increase the risk of absorption of these antibiotics.


Lemon juice mixed with warm water (or tea) and honey can soothe the throat and relieve a cough for a while. The content of lemon juice beverages contained in a mixture of honey with warm water or tea is beneficial in relieving throat. You can consume these beverages at any time, just do not give honey to children under one year for their risk of having botulism.


Ranging from fruits, bark, seeds, until the grape leaves can be used as medicine. Grape seed is believed to be able to overcome the complications of diabetes, such as nerve and disorders of the eye, wound healing, prevention of tooth decay, degradation of age-related macular eye, to the prevention of cancer. To get the benefits of wine as a fruit to cough, you can eat the grapes that have been dried into raisins.

Overcome Cough at Home

Besides eating the fruit for cough, cough can also be addressed by:

Warm water bath

Warm water bath can treat a cough as inhaling steam from hot water can loosen secretions of the nose, coughs due to colds or allergies can be eased.

Stay hydrated

Flu and colds are the cause of the emergence of fluids (snot) redundant. In the end, the liquid will flow to the back of the throat and trigger a cough. Make sure your body hydrated by consuming enough water so it will be more dilute mucus and the throat moist.

Drinking tea warm honey

Scientific evidence shows that the natural way that can be done to overcome cough by drinking hot tea mixed with honey.

Avoid air freshener

Flavor generated from perfume and air freshener can also cause air pollution, and therefore adversely affect breathing. Because the scent of perfume and air freshener can trigger the production of excess mucus resulting in a risk of chronic cough.

Treating coughs naturally and eating fruits to cough may be an option. However, if the cough does not go away and not well resolved, immediately consult a doctor to find the cause and get further treatment.


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