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Juice To Shrink Your Stomach Try It Worth

Juice To Shrink Your Stomach Try It Worth

Distended stomach can ruin a person's appearance. Well besides being unsightly, it will also have an impact on your health. Various options to shrink the stomach juices available as one of the ways that a healthy diet can do.

Excess body fat has serious risks to your health. Excess body fat can also lead to high levels of bad cholesterol and triglycerides, and lower levels of good cholesterol. High fat increases a person's risk, such as having a heart attack, stroke, hypertension, diabetes, cancer, fatty liver and depression.

An easy way to tell if your excess belly fat is to measure waist circumference. For men, excess abdominal fat is if the waist circumference of 102 cm, while for women over 88 cm. The main key to lose belly fat is self-motivation, exercise at least one hour per day, healthy foods, and consume fewer calories. To avoid errors in the diet, you are encouraged to lose weight in a balanced manner.

Eating smoothie or juice of mixed fruit and vegetables is one of the easiest and delicious in implementing the program of your diet, as well as the ingredient that has many benefits. By mixing the fruits and vegetables you will get fiber needed by the body. The juice also provides a balanced combination of protein, fat, and carbohydrates.

Here are fruits that can be used to shrink the stomach juices that you can try:


Bananas are food commonly consumed by those who are dieting. Bananas can also increase your metabolism. Juices that contain a mixture of bananas and beans are very suitable to be consumed when the air is cold and often hungry. Banana nut juice is not only low in sugar but also rich in fiber and protein in it


Fruits are rich in protein can be used as a dietary menu. If you eat half a grapefruit before a meal can help you lose weight. The fruit is believed to contain fat-burning enzymes are suitable to be used for mengencilkan stomach juices. Even so, this fruit still require further research to prove its function.


Oleic acid is a compound in healthy unsaturated fats contained in avocados. By eating or drinking a quarter or half an avocado, or in the form of juice, can help burn your belly fat. Avocados also contain fiber and protein useful.


Fruits are known as anti-aging contains 57 calories in 100 grams. And the fiber content makes you feel full longer.


Pears are consumed advised to meet your daily fiber needs. Women who ate three pears a day can consume fewer calories and lose more weight than women who did not eat pears. Because the fiber contained in the skin, it is advisable to not peel when consumed directly or while drunk in juice form.

A wide selection of fruit juices or mixed with vegetables can be unhealthy if you use lots of sugar. Homemade juice is healthier because you will be more careful in adding sweeteners or other supplementary materials. Here are some suggestions to make their own juice:
  1. Limit the use of sweetened, condensed milk or sugar, it is advisable sweetener derived from fruit alone.
  2. Add some vegetables (spinach, carrots, squash) into the juice to get extra vitamins and minerals.
  3. Adding protein, such as milk or yogurt, low-fat into juice.
If you make the juice to shrink the stomach in large numbers, you can store the ice and frozen in molds. Juice mixture of frozen fruits and vegetables that can be enjoyed as breakfast. Juice to help your diet is certainly very interesting, but keep in mind that the key to losing weight is to balance the amount of calories consumed and calories burned. When calories are burned much more than the calories you consume, certainly reduce abdominal fat as a result it will be easy to do. Consult with your doctor about a diet method that suits your needs and your daily life.


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