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7 Danger Due to Less Drinking Water Do not be underestimated

Never underestimate the function of water for the body, as a result of lack of drinking water can cause disruptions in your body. As we know, that our bodies are mostly filled by water, which is about 60% of the adult body part and 80% part of the children's bodies. So can you imagine if our bodies are dehydrated then the function of various organs of the body will be disrupted. Even from various research results showed that humans can not survive without drinking water for more than three days. So how great the role of water in human life.

Plain water is considered to be the most healthful water for pristine without any mixture, not concentrated, so really function as natural liquid according to the fluid in the body. Water you consume daily have an important function, among others, relieve thirst / thirst, regulates body temperature, carries oxygen and nutrients to tissues, helps the kidneys and liver to dissolve the waste products of metabolism, as solvents in the body, and as a provider of electrolytes to the body. Besides the benefits of drinking water can also launch the digestive system, refreshes the skin, accelerate the process of metabolism, and helps remove toxins from the body.

Some Body Disorders Due to Less Drinking Water

Our bodies need at least water intake is about 1.5 to 2 liters per day or the equivalent of 8 glasses (glass size 200 ml). Therefore, so that your body is always healthy and function of body organs can run optimally, always inadequate daily water needs. And if your body lacks water intake, it can lead to various disorders in the body either lasting mild to severe. Here are some from lack of drinking water that you should watch:

1. The body easily tired

Due to lack of drinking water can cause a person to be tired. So if your body lacks water body feels weak, tired, lethargic, lackluster, and easily tired although not perform strenuous activities. This happens because the water carries oxygen and nutrients to tissues. If the body is deprived of water then the auto body will feel easily tired

In addition, if a water shortage the body's metabolic processes are also disrupted. This is certainly the cells and tissues of the body can not work optimally. Lack of fluids can also inhibit the formation of red blood cells so that a person is suffering from anemia. If you are anemic, then that person will feel easily tired, pale face, palpitations, frequent headaches, it can even cause fainting.

2. There was dehydrated

A condition that is very dangerous due to the lack of drinking water is dehydration. Because if this goes badly dehydrated it can lead to shock and even lead to death. Dehydration is usually triggered due to discharge from the body in large quantities without balanced with sufficient water intake. Excessive discharge can be caused due to sweating due to strenuous physical activity, vomiting, diarrhea, or as a result of bleeding.

Therefore if you spend a lot of fluids from the body, then immediately replace these fluids by drinking lots of water. If you can not consume water due to loss of appetite / drinking or due to reduced consciousness then immediately take it to the nearest health facility for urgent action rehydration by medical personnel.

3. Disorders of the digestive system

Due to lack of drinking water may also cause disturbances in the digestive system. In the process of food digestion in our bodies, in desperate need of help of water, both in the process of digesting and absorption of nutrients from the food we eat everyday. If the lack of drinking water then you will easily have constipation / constipation, and trigger a variety of gastrointestinal diseases, such as peptic ulcers, hemorrhoids, even in the long term can predispose to colon cancer.

In addition, the lack of water intake can also lead to decreased gastric and intestinal protective layer on the outside as well as its elasticity is reduced. This can cause digestive system susceptible to gastric acid and also injury to the bowel.

4. Impaired renal function

Kidney is an important organ in the human body that acts as the filtration of liquids, in which a useful substance to be absorbed by the body through the bloodstream and unnecessary chemicals and toxins will be excreted out of the body through urine. The process of filtration in the kidney needs water to function properly. If not enough fluid the kidneys work harder and impurities or toxic substances can not be excluded completely out of the body.

It is certainly very harmful to our bodies. If the kidneys are forced to work extra hard continuously then the kidney will be quickly damaged / worn. The buildup of harmful toxins in our body will cause a variety of health problems that can be life threatening.

If the process of filtration in the kidney then a person susceptible to kidney stone disease, a bacterial infection in the kidneys, even in the long term can increase a person's risk of kidney failure with either acute or chronic. In addition to the kidneys, if the lack of water intake can also trigger an infection of the urinary tract. This condition is usually characterized by pain when urinating, urine turbid and even bloody, lumbago, and had a fever.

5. Disturbances in the function of nerves

Due to lack of drinking water next one that can cause nerve function. This can happen because if a person is dehydrated, then the distribution of oxygen to the brain becomes blocked. The brain is the human coordination center which is the nerve center that controls sensory and motor functions of the human body.

Impaired nerve function caused by a shortage of water, among others, characterized by decreased concentration, easily confused, often forgotten, drowsiness, triggering hallucinations, and may result in loss of consciousness.

6. Easy osteoarthritis

If you are lack of drinking water can also cause disturbance / inflammation in the joints. This is because water is a constituent of cartilage and as a lubricant in the joint. Therefore, if the lack of fluid intake, it can lead to disorders of the joints, such as rheumatoid and osteoarthritis.

7. Disorders of the skin

Due to lack of drinking water can also cause skin irritation, in which the skin loses freshness and elasticity. So that the skin will look dull, rough, and easily damaged. This occurs because the function of enzymes that maintain healthy skin can not work properly. If you want the skin is always fresh, smooth, and beautiful then drink enough water every day.

Based on the above, it can be concluded how great benefits of water for our bodies. With drinking water which simply means that you have been keeping your body tissues and organs to keep them functioning optimally secar. With drinking water can also help boost the immune system so that you can avoid many dangerous diseases. Besides consuming water, so that your body is always healthy it is advisable to consume a balanced diet, especially to increase the consumption of fruit and vegetables, and reduce fatty foods can cause a heap of bad cholesterol in the body. Do regular exercise, adequate rest and avoid stress. If the impaired body functions related to the lack of fluid, then consult a physician in order to receive further treatment.



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