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11 Nutrition Needed When Diets Are Often Overlooked

Nutrients Needed Time Diet is very important for Note for smooth and also the stability of the body. The body of the Word of the food, where food is used for a source of energy in the doing daily activities. Food consumed contain a variety of content which is good and not good for the body. The food was not good consumed has content such as preservatives, Artificial Colourings and sweeteners artificial. While the food the good is consumed lt contains many of the nutrients such as fruits and fiber. Nutrients give a variety of benefits for the body one moment we are go on a diet. A good diet not to hold the hunger but consuming foods that contain According nutrition needs our bodies, the following nutrients required when making a diet.

Nutrients Needed Time Diet

1. Carbohydrates

Carbs are very important for living things. Carbohydrates li is the basic needs man, for carbohydrates used as a source energy, fuel, and as a builder. When We go on a diet, it is recommended to keep consuming This karbohirat, carbohydrates can be We get from rice, wheat, Yam and potatoes.

2. Protein

Protein is one of the the most important nutrients for the body, as it serves to forming cells of body tissues, and able to repair cells That have been damaged in addition proteins are also used for improving the process metabolism includes on burner fat in the body. When dieting very lt is recommended to consume foods that are high protein.

3. Fiber

Excellent fiber consumed for the body is not just a undergoing diet program alone However it is recommended everyone to mengkonsomsi fibers. Fiber serves to lowering cholesterol levels work and launched a channel digestion, moreover the fibers also serves to lower the risk of disruption heart, diabetes, and some types of Cancer. Fiber we can get of fruit and vegetable vegetables like papaya, fruit still plenty of spinach and vegetable again.

4. Potassium

Potassium is one of the nutrients are used to lower blood pressure. Where is the blood pressure stable will enhance health for the body. In addition potassium is also able to help fertility as well as brain function and the nerves. Potassium can we get from foods such as potatoes, sweet-ubian and also bananas.

5. Magnesium

Magnesium works to prevent the occurrence of osteoporosis, prevents the pressure high blood, preventing diabetes, prevent the occurrence of muscle cramps and prevents the existence of a disorders of the heart, Magnesium can be obtained from the diet such as spinach, beans nuts and so on. To avoid the various the above disease then instruct us to consume foods that contain a lot of magnesium.

6. Vitamin A

We are no strangers to vitamin A it, bnyak There are food products the content of vitamin a. Because Vitamin A is very instrumental in the human body is such a help the system of the body, meets mun in the vision, and used to replace the the body's cells are damaged. We can obtain vitmin A from foods like apples, tomato, strawberry, chicken liver and so on.

7. Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that is needed by the body to maintain healthy skin, the vision as well as to maintain the durability of the body, Because many of these Vitamin E benefits one of the food popular for women, because able to pamper the skin and mengkencangkan skin. Benefits another that is able to reduce the plaques that clog in the blood vessels. Vitamin E is can we get from fruit avocado, sunflower seeds, and almonds.

8. Calcium

The calcium content is that are essential to the body where its main function, namely maintaining bone density. This calcium indeed very good for bone health, in addition calcium is also capable, keeping kesehtan keep the muscle function heart rate and rhythm. Calcium deposits can be obtained from milk, cheese, fish salmon and banana. But calcium is absorbed with help vitamin D, tana existence Vitamin D the body will trouble absorbing calcium.

9. Vitamin C

Nutrients Needed Ti The nine diets was Vitamin c. Vitamin C is one of the great nutrients for the health of our bodies, the benefits of vitamin C is between others keep the body in order to keep vit, as an antioxidant, keep skin health, redu symptoms of oncoming disease like a fever until the flu. Vitamin C is also very good for someone who is living the the diet, because vitamin C is capable of reduces appetite. Then recommended in people who diet program for of consumption, but It should not be exaggerated because will result in acid the hull up and going poisoning.

10. Good fats

Although fat is always considered the negative but also fat have benefits such as supplementary feeding, dissolve vitamins. Fat dianjukan at the time of the diet that is unsaturated fats or fatty good , where the more exotic good fats i.e. to lower levels of bad cholesterol. For get these good fats usually found in fruit avocado, olive oil and seeds almond.

11. Iron

Iron is one of the nutrients that serves to producing red blood cell that helps save and carries oxygen in the blood to the body's tissues and organs. So that organs and tissues get oxygen for perform the function it works.

Nutrition-nutrients above recommended for those who run the diet so that the proram in diet control get the results maximum. In consume the nutrients have a wide range of benefits for the body.

Nutritional Benefits For The body of

1. Keep the body's metabolism

Nutrients function in very improve the work of metabolism body where the principal components used i.e. carbs fat and protein, as well as supported additional components like vitamins and minerals.

2. Maintain organ function

The organ in the body will work maximum juka needs his nutritional would be sure. Misalka on the eye it will be healthier if get vitamin A, as well on the digestion will be more maximum in destroying When there is food Fiber on food.

Boost the immune system It's been very clear nutrition in the body it will be create the immune system good pul. The body's escape from various diseases in the body immune to pathogens jaht from outside the body. Then It is advisable for us to meet the kebutuhn nutrition in the body.

3. Improve the quality of life

When we have a body healthy, fit, vit dn spared from a variety of ailments, then will improve the standard of living someone.

The impact of the shortage nutrition

But if we a shortage of nutrients then that is the incidence of various problems in the our health. The following issues- problems that arise due to nutritional deficiencies.

1. Decreased mental function and physical

If we lack nutrients then that happened to our physical that is a quick feel tired when activities, feel fatigued and lethargic. In addition we will also be experiencing interference memory in the central nervous sisitem us, other than on a physical nutritional deficiencies will be negative impacts for our mental i.e. occurs personality change and disturbance of emotions.

2. Depletion of the body's immune system

One of the conditions for improve system imin i.e. the needs of the nutrsi in the body would be sure, when the need these nutrients are not met It will have an impact decreased immune system work that will bring some diseases because the system an increasingly immune to deteriorate.

It turns out that nutrition is very necessary for our bodies because it has a variety of the health benefits of the body then It is recommended that we suffice nutritional needs much less time running a diet program.



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