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Causes Less Blood and Ways Overcome It

The cause of anemia or known as anemia in the world of health is so much, ranging from lack of food intake, bleeding effect until the effects of other diseases that occur in the body. Less blood diseases have symptoms that vary; early symptoms commonly experienced by sufferers in the form of dizziness, weakness throughout the body, easy fatigue and lethargy.

On a more dangerous phase, a patient may indicate the characteristics of lack of blood in the form of symptoms of shock (blood pressure could not be measured, the pulse hard to detect, cold hands and feet and pale) and takes the form of blood transfusion therapy as soon as possible. The importance of knowing what are the underlying causes less blood disease is useful to determine treatment options will be taken to improve these conditions. For that let us come together to discuss what are the causes of anemia and how to overcome them, in the form of the blood booster dietary intake of those around you.

List Causes Less Blood (Anemia) Frequently Encountered Diseases anemia or anemia actually have a definition where there is a decrease in the number of red blood cells (erythrocytes) that it can not carry oxygen in sufficient quantity to the network and requires a laboratory examination of blood in order to enforce the underlying cause. In this article we will discuss some types of anemia and also cause less blood that is most prevalent in the medical world.

1. Anemia due to lack of minerals

The cause less blood we will discuss first is the lack of certain minerals in the body. Anemia or anemia caused by lack of this mineral is a type of anemia that is most prevalent in our country. Less blood type is most commonly found in the female gender and also in pregnant women.

Minerals which is a cause of anemia most is iron (Fe). Iron is a mineral that is needed in the formation of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is a structure that is very important because it is a means of fastening and also the introduction of oxygen throughout your body.

The lack of their own iron levels in the body a person can be caused by various causes. It may be caused by the need for increased (due to the growth process) experienced by children and also experienced by many pregnant and nursing women. Besides causing iron deficiency can also be caused by the intake is less, absorption is not running properly and can be caused by worm infections in children.

The recommended intake of iron is 20 milligrams per day and approximately only 2 milligrams of the amount to be absorbed. Less intake will greatly influence the amount of iron available. Additionally impaired absorption can also reduce the amount of this mineral in your body. Own iron absorption occurs in the stomach and small intestine in part, so that the diseases that occur in these organs would interfere with iron absorption and result in less blood condition.

In the case of anemia that occurs in children, you need to ensure that there is no worm infections. If there is a worm infection then your child should receive drug therapy worm first. If there is no worm infection then you need to pay attention to whether the intake of iron consumed enough of the child or not. Did you know that was a lot of blood booster foods that you can find around you?

You can try to increase consumption of vegetables such as spinach, long beans and vegetable sayuran- other green vegetables. In addition to the vegetables you can consume some fruits such as apples, rich in vitamins, palm fruit, also avocado. Besides the consumption of nuts and meat, especially red meat is highly recommended to avoid you from this blood less disease.

2. Anemia due to lack of vitamins

Next we will discuss the causes of anemia are also commonly found that a lack of vitamins. Less vitamin that is most prevalent in the case of anemia is the lack of vitamin B12 (cobalamin) 1. Vitamin B12 itself is a vitamin that is needed in the formation and metabolism of red blood cells (erythrocytes). The main disturbance in the case of anemia due to lack of vitamin B12 is most often caused by absorption problems that occur in the stomach.

The cause less blood that this one can be caused by a lack of intrinsic factor (a substance produced by the stomach and needed in the absorption of vitamin B12) in the case of colitis, can also be caused by the destruction of cells in the stomach that experienced by alcoholics. In addition, a lack of vitamin B12 can also be caused by the intake is less.

Foods that contain vitamin B12 that you can encounter is all animal products such as meat. For that vitamin B12 deficiency is often occur in people who maintain a vegetarian diet.

3. Anemia of chronic disease

Next we will discuss the anemia caused by chronic diseases experienced by sufferers. The cause of anemia that is usually experienced in a long time, as in the case of chronic infection caused by the bacteria of tuberculosis as well as in cases of malignancy or cancer.

Both types of chronic diseases will cause interference with the process of formation and red blood cell metabolism and lead to a decrease in the amount of our blood vessels. Anemia caused by chronic disease is usually just a mild or moderate anemia accompanied by fatigue or weight loss. In cases such as this diagnosis is less blood can only be enforced by a number of laboratory tests for the symptoms of anemia are often covered by the symptoms of the underlying disease.

4. Anemia due to bleeding

The cause of anemia last that we will discuss is bleeding. Bleeding that occurs may be seen from the outside as in the case of an accident and also does not look like in the cases of bleeding organs. This type of anemia caused also vary from mild to severe depending on the severity of the bleeding that occurs.

In a number of cases of severe bleeding due to rupture of internal organs or fracture of large bones such as the femur, may require blood transfusion therapy in the form of surgical treatment as soon as possible and also to stop the bleeding. You should know that mild anemia because of bleeding would only arise if the bleeding that occurs continuously in a long time, whereas in the case of heavy bleeding could be imminent because large amounts of blood loss.

After listening to a number of disease-causing lack of blood at the top, you would need to have yourself examined by a doctor in order to get the right diagnosis. If you already know the type of anemia that you suffer, then you can more easily handle. Hopefully this article



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