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Drug Skin Itching On Effective Than Natural Ingredients

You've had the name itching of the skin, and information on drug itchy skin the following may be the solution. Had hives must be very annoying especially if the itch comes as the activity you are working or are in the important moments. Surely you would be embarrassed if you have to scratching continues the skin feel itchy. In addition to shame, suffering excruciating itching of course also because it causes you to be less concentrated, uninterrupted rest, and insomnia. People who suffer from itching usually always want to scratch that itch, but it actually can cause irritation suffered so itchy to get worse.

Itching can be caused by many factors, such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, allergies, insect bites, due to exposure to certain chemicals, or due to psychological factors (depression / stress). Itching can also be caused due to a chronic disease that causes certain substances accumulate in the body, causing itching, such as kidney disease, cirrhosis, hepatitis, diabetes, leukemia, and lymphoma. Hormonal changes can also trigger hives, such as hormonal changes in pregnant women, menopause, or in disorders of the thyroid hormone. In iron deficiency anemia also can cause the sufferer prone to itching.

Various Drugs Natural Skin Itching

Itching of the skin may be manifested in a variety of symptoms that vary, such as a red rash on the skin, freckles small, scaly skin, grow pus or boils, and so on. Where the growth was varied, can in certain areas only, or can be spread in most of the body. To treat the itching disease, you can use natural medicines and safe for health. Here is a remedy itching of the skin that you can try:

1. The herb turmeric, ginger, and bitter

You can use a potion consisting of turmeric, ginger and bitter leaf to cure itching. This is very powerful herb used as a drug allergy itchy. The trick is to prepare 20 grams turmeric, 30 grams of ginger, and 10 grams of bitter leaf. Peel the turmeric and ginger, then wash the three ingredients until clean then boiled with 2 cups water until the remaining half. Strain the mixture and drink water regularly 2 times a day.

2. Leaf crown god

You can also use the leaves as a remedy crown god powerful itchy skin. How to use it is prepared leaf crown god, wash use clean water, then puree with ground way. Then apply the leaf crown god that has smoothed the skin that itch / irritation will soon recover.

3. Leaves Biduri

How to make a decoction of the leaves Biduri to cure itchy skin Biduri leaf that is prepared to taste and wash thoroughly and crushed / pulverized. Mixed with coconut oil to taste and applied to the skin that is irritated.

4 bay leaves

Bay leaves can be used as a cure for itchy skin has a natural antibiotic substances. How to use it is looking the bay leaves, wash thoroughly, then crushed or mashed and paste on the skin that itch.

5. The betel leaf and mangosteen peel To treat itchy skin,

You can also use a potion of betel leaf and mangosteen peel. How to make that provide 20 pieces of betel leaf, 100 grams of mangosteen rind. Wash thoroughly both the material and then boiled with water. Then use water while warm to wash the skin itch.

6. peppermint leaves

Peppermint leaves is a cure for itchy skin can reduce irritation / inflammation and swelling. In addition peppermint leaves can also provide a cooling sensation and feeling comfortable on the skin. How to use is very easy, that you stay peppermint leaves rubbed on skin areas that experience itching, wait a moment so pervasive, then rinse with clean water.

7. Basil leaves

Drug next itching of the skin which is basil. Basil leaves contain a substance called thymol so effective cure itching. How to wear it, find the basil leaves, wash thoroughly, then rub on the skin are experiencing itching / irritation.

8. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can also be use to cure itchy skin itch, especially as drug allergies, because it contains anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and antiseptic. How to use that as drops of apple cider vinegar in a cotton and rub on skin suffering from itchiness.

9. Aloe vera

Aloe vera is also a drug effective itchy skin heals skin irritation. The trick is find aloe vera leaves to taste, then cut or break to be taken mucus / gel. Then apply mucus / The aloe vera gel on the skin irritation.

10. Clay

The clay was also to treat itchy skin, especially those caused by insect bites. The clay has substances that can draw toxins from the skin so it can heal itching and reduce pain. How to use clay that is looking to taste, put in a container / bowl, then mix water in it. Stir clay along the water to form a paste, roughly the level of consistency as peanut butter. After that, apply a mixture of clay on the skin that itch and allowing time to dry, then rinse with clean water last.

Tips-Tips: to Accelerate Healing Skin Itching In addition to using the drug itching of the skin such as those mentioned above, there are some tips that you can do to speed healing itching / irritation that you are suffering. Tips include that by compressing parts of the skin that itch using a flannel cloth soaked in cold water, always keep your nails, do not wear clothes that can add itching (eg wool fabric and fabric tight), and avoid scratching the skin areas itch because it can cause irritation worse.

Keep your skin with a bath regularly with soap and water, apply lotion after bathing to keep skin moist, always wash your hands after activity, and use sheets of soft material (not hot).

Be wary of foods that may cause allergic reactions on your skin, such as allergies shrimp, eggs, shellfish, certain types of milk, and so on. In addition to food, you also need to be aware of substance or object that can also trigger allergies that cause itching of the skin, among others, the types of drugs (eg antibiotics and aspirin), cosmetics, soaps, prickly heat, dust, fabric wool, rubber, as well as certain plant or animal species.

You should also manage the psychological / mind well, since the onset of itching can also be triggered by stress. If itching on your skin stubborn, then you should consult a doctor in order to get a checkup and proper medical treatment.



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