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Fruit juice for Diet and Maintain Fitness

The body feels less fit, especially coupled with the number of scales are increasingly shifted to the right, would make anyone start thinking of ways to improve your diet, is no exception to consume fruit juice for a healthy diet.

The health of our bodies is highly dependent on what we eat, as the saying goes "you are what you eat" or "you are what you eat". At the present time it is very easy for us to get food although tasty on the tongue but do not bring benefits to the body. If such foods are consumed continuously, the body becomes easier to store fat, easily tired while doing the activity, and ultimately vulnerable to disease.

Some people feel disturbed by excessive weight because they feel less lovely. In addition, a person who is overweight will be more easily tired in performing daily activities, and even motion can be limited. As a consequence, many people choose shortcuts to lose weight through extreme dieting and drugs.

Benefits of Fruit Juice to Diet: From Smooth Digestion until Detoxification

Many have forgotten that excess weight is simply a consequence of unhealthy eating patterns. Thus, the proper way of handling it is not focused on weight loss as much as possible and / or in a short time. Patterns eat should first be addressed.

What's the point managed to lose weight quickly if the body actually stuck in a more serious health problems (due to extreme diets)? What's the point anyway managed to lose weight in a short time if the diet is not addressed, which allows weight quickly rose again to its original figure?

How healthy properties of fruit juice to diet? It's not a secret anymore if fruits contain vitamins, minerals, and fiber that are needed by the body. One way of working is the fruit juice by cleaning the digestive system. The fiber content in the fruit juice and water will help soften the stool so it is easy to remove. Smooth digestion making the stomach look slim because there was no buildup in the colon.

Digestion is not smooth (accumulation of debris in the colon that would have been paid) make the body has time to 'absorb' the toxins from the removed dirt proper. As a result, skin health disrupted. Skin can appear dull and blotchy. So, here the role of fruit juice to the diet not only facilitate digestion, but also brightens the skin (other than fruit does contain antioxidants which can make the skin more healthy and fresh).

Diet should not only aim to shed fat and lose weight, but further as a detoxification process to remove the toxins that were previously accumulated in the body. Toxins in our body can come from anywhere, such as pollution, cigarette smoke, exposure to chemicals, or preservatives / dyes used in foods. We did not realize it because of the absence of signs and symptoms. Fruit juice to the diet can help the body remove toxic substances that are harmful, so that the body becomes healthier.

Seven Kinds of Fruit Juice to Diet During the Seven Days

Ideally humans consume 2 fresh fruit and vegetables 3 to 4 per day. Fruits and vegetables need to be varied so that we get a mix of vitamins and minerals rich. Experts suggest that even if you're running a diet program, the number of calories in must still insufficient. Pure fruit juice contains more calories than if fruit juice is combined with vegetables. That's what we'll do: combine fruits and vegetables to be processed into seven kinds of juice varied that can be consumed for seven days.

Each of these recipes for a fruit juice following diets meet approximately a quarter of the daily requirement of fruits and vegetables. Diet program will be very agonizing and boring when there is absolutely no food or drink is delicious on the tongue does not it? A mixture of fruit and vegetable juice This not only brings great health benefits, but also delicious and fresh so that the diet program you can run more enjoyable.

First day: green juice

The combination of celery and parsley produces apigenin, which help destroy cancer cells, according to research published by Ohio State University. If you are not so familiar with the resulting taste of celery, you can mix it with tomatoes and cucumbers.

How to make a green juice is quite easy. Simply provide a half-cup of tomato, minced beef. Besides providing fresh 1 stem celery and cucumber 2 cups diced. Make sure that before you wash these materials. After that, put tomatoes, celery, and cucumber in a blender. Blend until smooth and evenly mixed. Pour into the glass. Green juice can be enjoyed immediately.

Day two: tomat- vegetable juice

Vegetables can enrich the benefits of vitamins and minerals you get from fruit juice to diet. Tomatoes are one of a kind pieces that can be combined with any vegetables like carrots, spinach, celery, or beet.

Experts recommend cooking the tomatoes first before the process into juice. This is because tomatoes contain lycopene, an antioxidant substance that gives the red color on several types of fruits and vegetables. In addition to acting as an antioxidant that minimizes the effects of free radicals in the cells of our body, lycopene also contain anticancer and cholesterol-lowering ingredients.

The tomatoes are cooked beforehand will be a rich source of lycopene is more than eaten in a raw state, such as quoted from the opinion of Sharon Natoli, a nutrition expert from the Food and Nutrition Australia. This is because the cooking process will break down plant cell walls so the nutrients they contain will be more easily digested by the digestive system.

According to research published by the Agriculture and Food Chemistry, the tomatoes are cooked for 15 minutes can improve likopennya levels up to 171%. To that end, before the process into juice, you can cook the tomatoes beforehand either by boiling or his steaming.

Day three: strawberry-cucumber juice

Choice of fruit juice for the next diet is a combination of strawberry with cucumbers. Strawberry, like other berries group, many contain flavonoids, components that help reduce the risk of heart attacks in young and middle aged women as much as 32 percent. Flavonoid quercetin contained in strawberry is a natural anti-inflammatory substances that may help reduce a person's risk of atherosclerosis and protect blood vessels from damage caused by a buildup of fat and cholesterol.

Together with the flavonoid quercetin, polyphenols in strawberries strawberry strengthening properties to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by preventing abnormal blood clotting and lowers blood pressure. While cucumbers can be a source of vitamin K is important for maintaining bone health. In addition, cucumber also be used to help merehidrasi body because of the high water content, which is visible from a fresh cucumber flavor and very juicy.

Day four: blueberry juice-cabbage

Up to this point you might be wrinkled brow. Yes, it is often used as an alternative blueberry fruit juice to diet. But is it the cabbage can be processed into juice? You are not wrong. Especially cabbage red cabbage can be a combination of the right to 'accompany' blueberries in a glass of the same. In previous points already briefly mentioned that fruit group berry (no exception blueberries) contain flavonoids that can protect blood vessels from possible attacks of cardiovascular disease.

The combination of blueberries and cabbage will bring enormous benefits to the health of the heart and blood vessels due to the red cabbage has similar benefits.

Compounds contained in red cabbage anthocyanins that protect the heart and blood vessels and maintain the red blood cells to stay healthy. Levels of antioxidants in the blood was found to increase along with the intake of red cabbage. In contrast, levels of Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL; or the general public is often referred to as "bad cholesterol") has decreased.

The fifth day of apple-spinach juice

Not fond of spinach? You can neutralize the taste by adding apples and offer it as a combination of fruit juice to the diet. Adage "eat one apple a day, keep the disease away (eating one apple a day will drive toward the disease)" seems to be true.

Apples contain antioxidants quercetin charge of improving and maintaining endurance and helps the liver in performing the function of detoxification. The high content of fiber in apples makes it ideal as a selection of fruit to facilitate digestion and maintaining an ideal body weight. Apples are also very good for the health of the brain, which makes a person's risk of Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease has decreased.

So what about the spinach? Well, you still remember the cartoon character Popeye the sailor who's getting stronger every time she eats spinach? It turned out that the cartoon series is based on the real benefits that exist in the spinach itself.

Spinach contains a lot of vitamin K plays a role in the formation of the protein constituent of bone, increases the absorption of calcium and prevent calcium the body does not throw too fast. Vitamin K deficiency is closely linked to an increased risk of fractures. If you want to be strong like Popeye, do not hesitate to eat spinach yes!

Sixth day: ginger-red beet juice

Want to feel more energetic in performing daily activities? Consumption of red beetroot in the form of fruit juice to the diet is the right choice. In the diet program, a person should not be to necessarily eliminate carbohydrate intake at all. This is because carbohydrates provide energy for the body to metabolize. Thus, when the body is deprived of carbohydrates, the body's functions can not be run properly. Carbohydrates the body needs can be satisfied either by taking beetroot red.

While ginger has long been known as spices that can make the body feel warm, especially during cold weather, make the stomach feel comfortable, and helps cure colds. Combines red beetroot with ginger will produce a unique and special flavor.

The seventh day: carrot-orange juice

It is a combination of fruit juice to the diet that has been widely known. The combination of carrot and orange meet nearly 60% of the daily requirement of vitamin C. The body will take a combination of carrot and orange juice, cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood will also be decreased. Taste? Once tried, you will instantly hooked! That combination of fruits and vegetables that can be processed into fruit juice to the diet. Now that you've had seven recipes for fruit juice consumed each day. However, do not forget to consume fruits and vegetables in the raw form, in anticipation of the nutrients lost in the manufacturing process. Good luck !



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