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List of Food and Beverage Preventing Pregnancy

Information on birth control diet is important to know especially for those who are planning a pregnancy. This is due to dietary factors also affect fertility and endurance of sperm cells in the ovaries channel. So for those of you who want to get pregnant then you should avoid foods that can prevent pregnancy. Conversely, those who do not want to have a baby, it can be consumed to help make the process of fertilization does not occur. But it is certainly not the only way to prevent pregnancy, there are various ways that you can combine.

It can not be denied that there are couples who want to hurry to have a baby, but there are also couples who at one time did not want it. Couples who do not want to have children there is a variety of reason, among others, because they have many children, they have a child whose age is small, or deliberately not wanted to have children for various personal reasons. While on the other hand, many couples who wanted to have children but have not got it. Besides doing business that you already do, it is also important note about the factors of food you eat.

Various food Pregnancy Prevention Need to Know to Plan Pregnancy There are different ways to prevent pregnancy. Among other ways is by not having sex, associated with no penetration, using the calendar system, using contraception, and sterilization. Besides these ways, there are also foods that are believed to have effects prevents or reduces the chance of pregnancy. The variety of food to avoid pregnancy are as follows:

1. young Papaya

Papaya fruit ripe if the circumstances it is recommended to be consumed due to nourish the eyes and digestion. But if you are young, it is one kind of diet pill. This is because the young papaya there is still much sap that contains papain. The fruit is not recommended consumed by women who are wanted pregnancy or in women who are pregnant first trimester because it can stimulate uterine contractions that can lead to miscarriage.

2. Pineapple

Pineapple are also included birth control food because it contains a substance called bromelain. Fruit consumption is not advisable for couples who are planning a pregnancy and is also not recommended consumed early pregnancy because it can soften the cervix. Soft cervix that could potentially cause premature birth.

3. Soft drinks

Soft drinks or often called soft drinks can also have the effect of lowering the potential pregnancy. Substances that are contained in soft drinks is believed to reduce fertility and can cause premature birth. Soft drinks have high acidity properties and contains substances that are not good for the process of pregnancy such as caffeine, CO2, artificial sweeteners, artificial colors, preservatives, sodium benzoate and phosphoric acid. This drink is too high an intake can also lead to weight gain and less good for the kidneys.

4. Food / alcohol

All kinds of foods or beverages that contain alcohol is not consumed for women who are planning a pregnancy. Liquor or alcohol can affect fertility degrade and disrupt fetal development. In addition to beverages, there are some foods that also have a relatively low alcohol content though, such as tape and durian. Although it has a relatively low alcohol content, but if consumed in large quantities would also not good for the pregnancy.

5. Meat half-baked

Food contraceptive hereinafter namely undercooked meat. This is because the possible undercooked meat contained toxoplasmosis and listeria bacteria that can interfere with the process of pregnancy. The food is also not recommended consumed by pregnant women because of bacterial contamination can cause miscarriages and birth defects. Usually undercooked meat often found in foods such as baked or grilled chicken satay and type of Japanese food (sushi).

6. Turmeric

In this regard turmeric can be used as a contraceptive by megolahnya food into potions. This herb can be used for women who are not wanted pregnancies. How to make that set up two finger turmeric, wash thoroughly, and then baked in a small fire but not to scorch. Then mashed turmeric until smooth and add ¼ teaspoon of salt. Pour 1 cup hot water, let it cool down first and then taken regularly to terminate the pregnancy.

7. The betel leaf

Food contraceptives can also be made of betel. In addition to preparing about 3 pieces of betel leaf, you also need to meyiapkan material 1 vertebra kencur, 1 vertebra turmeric, 2 bay leaves key, and 1 tablespoon of water whiting. How to create a potion that put all the ingredients in a pan containing 2 cups of water and boil. After it was filtered to diambl water and drink regularly.

8. Yeast

Yeast is also a type of birth control food because it contains alcohol. So from yeast ingredient can be used to prevent pregnancy. Obviously this is used for women who do not want a pregnancy for example, already have many children. How to create a potion that is prepared yeast ¼ sphere tape, 3 drops of vinegar water, and finely ground pepper 1 tsp. Put all ingredients in 1 cup hot water, stirring until evenly, wait for it to cool, then drink regularly.

Pregnancy-preventing foods mentioned above should be avoided by women who are wanted pregnancies. But that does not mean women who do not want a pregnancy should consume to excess. For example, such as foods or drinks that contain alcohol, because it can be harmful to health. The use of contraceptives is a pretty powerful way to prevent pregnancy. You can choose a contraceptive that's right for you and spouse, among others, condoms, birth control pills, implants / implants, injectables, spiral / IUD.

For a more permanent birth control, you can choose the method of sterilization, that is by tubal ligation (women) and vasectomy (male). Meanwhile, for those who wanted to have a baby then it must consider a variety of factors. Factors that may affect the occurrence of pregnancy among others, the reproductive organs are healthy, there is no blockage in the Fallopian tubes, Associated husband and wife in a timely manner (fertility), adequate nutrition, healthy lifestyle, the husband's sperm quality, as well as the harmony between husband wife.

In order to quickly get pregnant, it is suggested to the woman and her partner to adopt a healthy lifestyle that is with regular exercise, weight control, increase the intake of nutrients, especially (protein, folic acid, and vitamin E), avoid caffeine, cigarettes, and alcoholic beverages. Besides of course also have to have intercourse with sufficient frequency, having sex while women were in the fertile period, and establish a harmonious communication with a partner. If you've been married, but have not been blessed with a baby, so it's good to consult a gynecologist to get a solution, of course, with always accompanied by prayer.



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