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Lung Disease - Symptoms Flek Examination, And Handling

Lung spots or called pulmonary TB in terms of health is one of the problems of infection that is found in our country. Tuberculosis (TB) is an infectious chronic lung caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis that attacks the human lung tissue. Tuberculosis can be transmitted easily when people who are infected often cough in front of you without covering his mouth. The rapid spread is the reason why the World Health Organization (WHO) World Health Organization put this disease as one of the problems of emergency in the world. Our country Indonesia still ranks third for the number of cases of pulmonary tuberculosis disease in the world after India and China. Seeing this condition is to reduce the number of cases of pulmonary tuberculosis and increase the rate of healing we need to know some information about this disease. In this article we present some information about the signs and symptoms, investigation and treatment of lung spots briefly! Various Information on Disease Plaques Lung (Tuberculosis Lung) Disease lung spots can affect anyone, and still a scourge for world health of our country, but not to worry because the disease of pulmonary tuberculosis is one of the infectious diseases that can be cured with treatment regular. Transmission can be prevented if sufferers know how to not transmit the disease. For more details, let us consider some of the following information about the disease lung spots! Signs and Symptoms of Lung spots first information we'll share are the signs and symptoms of this chronic disease, the importance of knowing the signs and symptoms of pulmonary tuberculosis can make sufferers quickly diagnosed and can get treatment as soon as possible.

1. Cough old

The first symptoms and quite often complained by patients with lung spots is a long coughing (cough for 3 weeks or more). Many diseases are associated with the lungs have symptoms such as cough, such as lung cancer, pneumonia, and lung spots this. Cough symptoms experienced by patients with lung spots caused by irritation of the bronchi (one of the major branches of the trachea through which air into and out of human lungs).

Symptoms of cough in lung spots this may not happen if the disease has not irritate the bronchi. Cough symptoms experienced by patients with tuberculosis can be normal productive cough or coughing up blood if the condition is severe, but it should be remembered that not all bloody cough caused by pulmonary tuberculosis infection, so you still need to hold a hearing to confirm it.

2. Shortness of breath

The next symptom of lung spots are often complained of by sufferers are shortness of breath, which the complaint shows that experienced disease progression were spread throughout the lungs and interfere with lung function to breathe. Besides shortness of breath may be a sign that there is inflammation of the membranes covering the lungs called the pleura.

Inflammation of the pleura by the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis is quite common and is included in the extra-pulmonary symptoms (symptoms outside of the lungs) on tuberculosis. If tuberculosis occur in the pleura, the disease known as pleurisy tuberculosa where in addition to shortness of breath patients also may complain of chest pain during breathing in the lungs experiencing tuberculosa pleurisy.

3. Fever

Further symptoms which often are fever (body heat), but the fever felt by patients with lung spots are subfebris fever (fever with increased temperature is not too high, only ranged 37,3-37,9◦C). Fever in patients with lung spots are common symptoms of infectious diseases in the human body, so it can not be used as a diagnosis in this disease lung spots. Fever experienced by people with tuberculosis are often accompanied by a very disturbing night sweats while sleeping.

4. Weight loss

Systemic symptoms are also often complain about people with lung spots are weight loss for no apparent reason. Weight loss is an effect of the disease progression occurs continuously (chronic) in the body of patients, besides patients with lung spots often feel no energy and they also decreased appetite which will certainly affect weight. Some Investigations Need To Do After last we listen about some of the symptoms that can be experienced by people with tuberculosis, below we will continue with information on a number of clinical investigation for diagnosis of this disease.

  • examination of bacteria

This is an excellent examination to ensure that you are infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Materials used are sputum examination where the examination should be done 3 times, that is when the TB patient comes first, and the next morning when the morning sputum deliver to healthcare providers.

  • radiologically

Radiological or X-ray examination is also one investigation that can be used by doctors to diagnose lung spots this.

  • Tuberculin test test

These checks are often used in the area with a low incidence of tuberculosis, where patients suspected of suffering from tuberculosis will be his reaction to Mycobacterium tuberculosis that has been weakened and is injected into the skin.

  • blood tests

Routine blood tests actually is not one specific examination for diagnosis of tuberculosis, but rather used as a detector of tuberculosis treatment success.

Treatment of Lung spots last information we will share with the readers of this is about the treatment of tuberculosis. As mentioned earlier lung disease is a disease blemishes can be cured as long as regular sufferers taking the drug. Treatment of tuberculosis does require a long time, ranging between 6 to 9 months, depending on the category of illness.

Tuberculosis treatment also requires a combination of drugs to destroy bacteria in your lungs, so that sufferers often fear to consume some types of medicines at once. But no need to worry now there are drugs that blended into one type of drug alone for the treatment of lung spots this. In the drug was already contained four types of tuberculosis drug with a certain dose that the gift will be governed by health workers because they have adjusted to the weight of the sufferer.

Tuberculosis treatment usually includes five types of OAT (Anti Tuberculosis) namely Rifampicin, Isoniazid, Pyrazinamide, Ethambutol and Streptomycin (given by injection). Each treatment has a number of side effects such as changes in urine color to red (not bloody), joint pain, numbness and liver problems, so its use should not be done without the supervision of medical personnel.

Thus the amount of information we can share with the readers of the signs and symptoms, investigations and also therapeutic lung spots. The importance of physicians in the diagnosis of tuberculosis will help make treatment for sufferers can more quickly be given so that no complications arise worse. Finally, I hope the article on lung spots is useful to add to our knowledge of all.



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