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Symptoms of dengue fever detection in Children Immediately Before It's Too Late

Children are among the most vulnerable to the dangers of dengue disease, so the introduction of the symptoms of dengue fever in children from an early age is very important. The introduction of dengue symptoms early on, both in children and adults, is one of the important measures of prevention of deaths caused by this deadly disease. Therefore it is fitting for the public to recognize and be aware of the symptoms of this disease. DHF or Dengue is one of the causes of death that could have killed someone slowly, but as if it happened in a short time. Just imagine, when someone is hot, and the heat has begun to decline, it did not signal a DHF patients will be cured. The sign is a sign of where a person is experiencing a critical phase and should have further medical attention.

Due to the lack of public knowledge about the phases of dengue, it is not rare casualties since late getting treatment. Mainly children, in which the immune system of children is certainly not as strong as adults. Diseases caused by the bite of aedes aegypti can be contagious.

Therefore should we as a society should keep environmental conditions so as not to become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Symptoms of dengue fever in Children and Adults Early Stages In general, these diseases are more easily attacked children, especially toddlers. But that does not mean adults be safe, because even adults can be infected or infected through the bite of aedes aegypti. This disease is actually caused by the dengue virus is spread by the bite of aedes aegypti. Therefore, when a mosquito bites a person affected by dengue virus, then other people can also be infected with dengue virus when bitten by mosquitoes that already carry the virus. The dengue virus would interfere with blood clotting system that occurs in the body.

Usually if the examination, the platelet count will drop and it will even decrease drastically for the already severe. This has sometimes resulted in bleeding that can occur in some parts of the body such as vomiting blood, nosebleeds and so on. And usually when the patient had vomited blood, which is sometimes unusual phase resulting in death.

Well, so you can be more vigilant, as a parent you need to know what are the symptoms of dengue fever in children. When a toddler experiencing dengue fever, the child will usually show symptoms appear on the fourth day until the days that followed, including:

1. High fever

Children with dengue fever usually will have a high fever up to 40 degrees Celsius. Agency will shiver at the same time the child is hot and cold. Febrile phase that occurs in dengue fever patients showed a graph like a saddle. At the beginning it was experiencing high heat, but in the critical phase of fever will decrease and here sometimes misunderstanding. But actually after the fever may recur again. This happens usually high fever for about a week, so that if you have these symptoms, immediately take your child to the doctor.

2. Weakness and Fatigue

Symptoms of dengue fever in other child is suddenly feeling very lethargic and weak. If the child usually looks very actively playing, running around here and there, and then suddenly he began to feel weak and listless, be aware of the symptoms. Especially if the child complained of pain in the back of his eyes. In addition, children can also feel a headache danjuga face looks very pale. If your child has these symptoms, immediately consult a physician. It may be that your child is experiencing the early phases of dengue fever.

.-The Great Red Spot

Although not all people will experience the symptoms of dengue fever this red spots, but often also red spots and rashes will appear in the whole body. In children, the red spots caused by dengue virus infection resulting in the disruption of the blood clotting system. As was already discussed that in a dangerous phase, either children or adults will megalami nosebleeds and vomiting blood blackish color. Symptoms of dengue fever in adults are usually the same. But sometimes a rash does not appear in adults.

4. Nausea

Patients with dengue fever usually also be nausea and want to vomit. His appetite will decrease because of the uneasy feeling in the stomach. In adults it may just feel nauseous, but the children would sometimes appear other symptoms of itching on the soles of the feet as well as cough and cold. Seem trivial, but if left unchecked and handled further, this disease will be more severe and dangerous.

However, you need to know that the symptoms of dengue fever in children, usually occurring only in the mild to moderate stages only. Precisely symptoms in adults can occur in the moderate to severe stages. And the children themselves, after the dengue virus attack is over, there is the possibility of the body becomes more resistant to certain viruses.

DHF is a dangerous disease to watch out for, how to prevent it? see page 2



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