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Symptoms of Hiv In Men , Whether There Is On You?

HIV symptoms in men it is important to be known as one of the attempts to break the chain of transmission of HIV / Aids. As we know that HIV / Aids is now a one or a very dangerous disease, and feared by everyone because it has not found a cure. Therefore, prevention is the most effective measures to curb the spread of the HIV virus. Number of people living with HIV is constantly increasing, and it is feared some point the numbers will explode or cause epidemics. This is due to many people who are not yet aware of the prevention of HIV transmission.

HIV / Aids is a disease caused by HIV (Human
Immunodeficiency Virus). The virus attacks the human immune system particularly lymphocytes. HIV and Aids are the two things are interrelated, so it is often combined into a single unit to call the disease. The term is used to refer HIV patients in the early phase, while Aids is generally used to refer to people who are already in advanced phases with various complications. The HIV virus can be transmitted through a variety of ways, through sexual intercourse, blood transfusion, syringes, and vertical transmission of HIV to their babies.

Some HIV Symptoms in Men Should Caution
Symptoms of HIV in men is actually not much different from the symptoms of HIV in women. But it needs to be discussed more specifically mainly to prevent transmission to their partners. Because the various studies, many ordinary housewife who turned out to be infected with HIV-infected from her husband due to behave like multiple partners without being noticed by his wife. Various symptoms of HIV in men are as follows:

1. Suffering from venereal disease

HIV symptoms in men are quite typical of venereal disease. Indeed, not everyone suffering from a venereal disease of HIV. However, venereal disease can be one of the consequences of risky sexual behavior. The behavior in question are frequently changing partners. People who have this kind of behavior is very risky for a venereal disease while potentially infected with the HIV virus. Venereal disease that is often suffered by men with a risky sexual behavior, among others, gonorrhea, syphilis, genital herpes, scabies, ulcers mole, and so on.

2. Diarrhea or sores that do not heal

Gastrointestinal disorders such as diarrhea and thrush is also one of the symptoms of HIV in men. Diarrhea and sores that occur certainly not common. If the diarrhea or thrush usually occurs easily cured in a relatively short time, but in the case of HIV longstanding / chronic or recur frequently. This condition can certainly harm the sufferer, especially if diarrhea occurs not followed by the addition of adequate fluid it is vulnerable to dehydration and lack of nutrition.

3. Disorders of the skin

Disorders of the skin is in the form of itching, red rash, or small ulcers that can occur in various parts of the body of the sufferer. The disease is usually too difficult to cure or just some time to recover and then reappear (recurrence). In addition to the HIV sufferers also look dull skin, prone to irritation, cracking on the outer skin tissue, and susceptible to infectious skin diseases such as herpes, eczema, or smallpox. On the nails are also frequently become infected so that the color changed to bluish or blackish.

4. Weight loss drastically

Symptoms of HIV in men who subsequently namely drastic weight loss. This is because the HIV patients experiencing nutritional deficiencies that look emaciated. It was originally a weight loss less significant, but over time there will be significant reduction and obvious changes as increasing the severity of the illness.

5. Swollen lymph nodes

Swollen lymph nodes may also be one of the symptoms of HIV in men. Lymph nodes are the transport medium of white blood cells that play an important role in the immune system. As we know that the HIV / Aids were attacked are white blood cells, especially lymphocytes. If the lymphocytes cells are attacked, then the lymph nodes will perform a natural defense response characterized by the swelling. Swelling can occur in the lymph node area, which is at the base of the neck (chin), armpits, groin, and around the ribs.

6. Easy infectious disease

Because the HIV virus attacks the human immune system, it is easy to contracting HIV infection. The infectious disease can be mild or severe lasts. Kind of infectious disease that is often suffered by people with HIV infection, among others, influenza, respiratory infections, tuberculosis, meningitis, pneumonia, urinary tract infections, and so on.

7. Fever

Fever is a natural response of the body due to the entry of microorganisms into the body. In this case the entry into the human body, namely the HIV virus and other germs due to secondary infections (comorbidities). Sekuder becoming more frequent infections, the fever will become increasingly common. Fever is characterized by an increase in body temperature, which is usually diserati with discomfort in the whole body as well as headaches.

8. Easily tired

Easily tired also can be one of the symptoms of HIV in men. This occurs because the HIV virus disrupt the body's metabolism so the body tissues weaken. Pendeita often experience weakness, fatigue, lethargy, lack of power and vigor decreased. Patients often feel tired easily when not doing heavy activity.

If there are people around you or maybe your spouse, or even your own experience gelaja as mentioned above, immediately consult a physician for immediate medical attention. At the medical examination, will be confirmed again in the laboratory whether an HIV infection or not. If it really is infected with the HIV virus, the doctor will perform the appropriate treatment of the patient's condition. To hinder the development of the HIV virus, the doctor will usually prescribe ARVs (Anti Retro Virus). ARV is currently quite effective in inhibiting virus growth while lowering the ability of the virus to infect a Barun (lower the transmission rate).

The best way to avoid HIV is to take preventive measures. Things you can do is to always be faithful to one partner authorized (not changing partners). Surveys have shown that this way is the biggest door in the transmission of the HIV virus, both heterosexual and homosexual couples. Also avoid drugs, if you make sure that the blood transfusion HIV negative blood and wearing sterile tools. If there are mothers with known or suspected HIV infection, then immediately take it to your doctor or health care facility for further examination, especially for clinical governance prevention of transmission from mother to baby early.



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