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Tips and Ways Weaning Child To Not

Weaning a child stop sucking activity of organs breastfeeding mother. Weaning process into a process that is not easy, because it involves emotional mother and often will make children become fussy.

There is no limitation in time when the right to start the process of weaning itself. Following will be presented the information regarding the procedures to wean the child, how to get started as well as the father's role in the process of weaning.

Weaning Child, What goal?

Weaning implemented after the children felt able to meet all the nutritional needs of other than breast milk. Weaning is not the final stages of a close relationship between the child and his mother, it has a meaning that you as parents will educate and give love through other means.

Weaning will be better done after the child gets the right of his 6 months of exclusive breastfeeding. Based on other opinions of The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that breast-feeding mothers to start weaning when the child is 1 year old because at this age children have built an anti-allergy system perfectly in his body. While in some religious beliefs and culture, the weaning process can begin when a child has been the age of 2 years.

In another theory there are two types of weaning process, the process suddenly / immediately implemented in urgent situations, for example tetiba mother fall ill or have to travel far away and unable to breastfeed the child and weaning will be carried out suddenly. The second process is a gradual weaning the weaning process natural (natural weaning). This process does not force and in accordance with the stages of child development, the weaning process is also determined by the mother (mother-led weaning).

The natural process is the preferred process to be carried out for the weaning process naturally the least risk to the child psychologically. As for the weaning process specified by the mother to be with Mother mental readiness and the full support of the community and family.

By knowing how to wean the right, Mom will not hurt the child's psychological, which if it were traumatized in the weaning process will be brought up to adult. Weaning process wrong can cause children to be anxious, timid and lacking in confidence. Meanwhile, if the weaning process is correct, the child will grow smart, disciplined, sociable and adapt to the environment and confidence.

Started Weaning so Kids Not Fussy

To avoid fussy children at weaning, the main thing you should know before starting other than mental readiness is also the readiness of the child's mother. Here are some signs that indicate readiness of children start the process of weaning:

  • 1. Start Not Interested in Organ Breastfeeding mothers

Which has been prepared weaned child will begin to show disinterest in the organs breastfeeding mother. Of course you can not impose this condition, but you can begin to gradually shift the child's desire to breastfeed by reducing the frequency of breast-feeding and divert the desire to nurse give toys in love.

Give formula with glasses or straws also be one way to divert the child's desire to suckle. Avoid providing a diversion using a pacifier or bottle teat, because the object is actually the cause of children frequent canker sores, sore throat, tooth Gigis or loss, and other causes of digestive problems.

Besides giving a pacifier or bottle teat can cause lazy boy eating, also affect the shape of the tooth. Children who are accustomed to using the two bodies will have an advanced form of dental anatomical / buck in line with its growth.

  • 2. Physical No Longer Like a Baby

Children who are ready to be weaned has a physical condition that is no longer like a baby. Not sticking her tongue when hungry, and to know when she is hungry or are already full.

Avoid using harsh words expletives, cursing and yelling. Also avoid hitting and pinching activities weaning, because this will only make the child psychologically injured. Child may refuse to eat and drink at all and when adult children grow up to be difficult to eat.

  • 3. Swallowing and Chewing Ability Already Matang

Children who are ready to be weaned will demonstrate the readiness of the digestive system. Her teeth to chew solid or semi-solid food correctly, his tongue has also been able to assist in the process of swallowing, and encourage entry of food into the throat.

Avoid using colors of rouge agents in organ breastfeeding mother and say that as if you were injured and bleeding. This affects the psychological condition of the child, and will cause the child to not act honestly at an early age.

Also avoid giving plaster or herbs on organ breastfeeding mother. In addition to lead poisoning in children, drug delivery red, plaster and herbs will have an impact on the juice unloved by his mother and when the adult child will show difficulties in social interaction with others

  • 4. Children Starting Independent

Children who are ready to be weaned will demonstrate independence. Drinking glasses have been able to hold his own, fell asleep without nursing at his mother or have been able to show what he likes and dislikes verbally. Even for children aged 2 years, he has been able to negotiate with. So slowly and full of patience you can give a sense to the child that this time he has not breastfed longer and you're done weaning him.

Patience and diligence required in the weaning process. Create always playing and joking atmosphere pleasant. Providing a warm hug and a kiss every time will also show that you still give love to children, though not through breastfeeding.

Role of Fathers During Weaning Process

Weaning process must also be communicated to the partner, in this case is the husband and the father of your baby. With support from her father weaning process will become easier. Father can accompany the child to sleep without feeding to the mother by reading stories or invite to play. Dad can also help and provide support during the weaning process by creating a positive bedtime routine, such as rubbing the child's back, offer infant formula instead of breast milk, invites you brush your teeth together or help a child wearing pajamas before bed.

If the child wakes in the night to ask for breastfeeding, let dad get up and accompany the child to provide water and bring him back to sleep with a gentle understanding and sentence. When the mother came, most likely the child will be more cranky and whining to ask for milk. Support dad like to give kudos are also believed to make you more passion to succeed in carrying out the weaning the baby.

If the child is still cranky when the weaning process, you can reevaluate whether that caused him cranky. Does the child is not feeling well or ill, or because you are impatient attitude? for fussing and crying is a form of denial of the child's reaction to the weaning process.

Thus information about weaning tips that children are not fussy. Breastfeeding is a process full of struggle and very valuable for a mother, so it is not easy to carry out the process of weaning as advanced. You need to always remember is no wasted all your struggle for every positive development of the baby. Good luck in the weaning process and hopefully this article useful?



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