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Tips Food to Avoid when Diet

Body healthy and fit can be achieved either by a healthy diet, but still many people who do not really understand what foods to avoid when dieting. The food we eat daily has a huge impact on our weight. Some foods such as vegetables, fruit, coconut oil, and eggs can contribute to positive for a healthy diet we are run.

Some others, particularly processed foods, can make our weight increased. There was even a joke that says that "the food was delicious (referring to the processed foods that are usually feels more delicious because there are additional specific substances) make thinning wallets and waistlines thicken".

Anything to Avoid When Food Diet?

Some experts say that we should not limit ourselves to not consume certain foods, refusing food actually wish we consume will make our subconscious to binge eating (abnormal eating patterns where a person eat the food in a quantity very much in time limited, compared to those eaten by people in general) and in the end our weight will increase as well.

Still, there are some foods that really should be avoided, especially if we are trying to lose weight. Of course, our purpose is not solely have a slim body only. Blood pressure, blood sugar, lipid profile, and other health indicators also should be in the normal range. To that end, below are some foods that should be avoided when dieting. Stay away from the following foods to support your diet program.

All kinds of snacks containing only carbohydrates

When you consume biscuits, bread, dry cereal, or rice cake, your body will convert the carbohydrates contained within these foods into simple sugars and sending it directly into the bloodstream. In response to a sudden increase in blood sugar, the body will produce more insulin, which directly works to absorb sugar in the blood as soon as possible.

The conclusion is, consuming only foods that contain carbohydrates will cause instability in blood sugar levels and the body becomes faster hungry. As a result, you may be looking for a sweet-sweet foods that contain no nutrients at all to re-gain energy in a short time. This cycle will then return repeatedly.

Frozen food

Foods to avoid when dieting second is all kinds of frozen food. To create materials in a kind of food last long in your fridge, the manufacturers usually add extra sodium in the frozen food. Sodium makes the body retain water. In addition, frozen foods usually contain very high calories, even though they were not that big. Imagine, the small size of the food and do not make full, but the calorie content is very high. Not the kind of the ideal food for a healthy diet program, is not it?

Low-fat food

Low-fat food is categorized as a food that is "good" because it is good for heart health, heart, and blood vessels. However, low-fat foods are susceptible abused so it could be a food that should be avoided when dieting. This is because, you will tend to consume 30% more when you know that you eat low-fat foods. As a result, food intake becomes too much so that the diet program you apart.


You might be wrinkled brow. Why juice are also categorized as foods that should be avoided while on a diet? The explanation is as follows. Take the example of one type of fruit juice, such as orange juice. It took some oranges to make a glass of orange juice a 200 ml. When you drink orange juice, you take all of the calories of some of the citrus fruit at once without a natural fiber that can help make you feel full. Especially if you add the sweetener in your juice. The number of calories you consume certainly increase.

In addition, the fruit contains natural sugar called fructose. Fructose blunts your body's ability to recognize when the body feel full. Therefore, by saying that you are not satisfied, you will consume more food and diet program you become part of history.

Soy sauce

Ketchup does have a low calorie content. However, soy contains extremely high sodium can increase your risk of developing hypertension (salt may also need to limit for the same reason). Now it is widely available low-sodium soy sauce is claimed, but the content of sodium in the soy sauce type is not significantly lower than regular soy sauce. For that, just occasionally you add soy into your diet.


For alcohol lovers, get ready to cross it off the list of your diet because alcohol is included in the food that should be avoided when dieting. People who consume alcohol regularly receive additional up to 2000 calories per month. According to dieticians, the first alcohol is burned by the body's metabolism. Thus, until the traces of alcohol completely clean from your system, the body will start burning fat, which means it will interfere with your diet program.

Make no mistake. Salad was included in the category of healthy foods. In fact, the salad was a very good choice if you're on a diet. But people will not consume a salad without adding dressing in it, is not it? Well, this dressing can be the cause of the failure of your diet program. There is no point in ordering a salad with a variety of fresh vegetables in it when you add mayonnaise dressings are loaded with fat.

Thus we present the article to the foods that should be avoided during the diet, which perhaps some of them do not you think not. Losing weight successfully requires a good combination of a healthy diet, sufficient fluid intake, the pattern of daily life was good (active, adequate rest, stress management effective), and regular exercise. Commitment and discipline are important aspects that must be maintained to achieve your desired weight. Good luck !



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