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Ways Overcome Nausea During Pregnancy Young Naturally

In this article we will discuss about how to cope with nausea during early pregnancy are sometimes quite disturbing daily activities. Well, the nausea that often occur in the morning is also referred to as morning sickness. Nausea and vomiting is the most frequently appeared in the morning when I wake up and eat breakfast, but can also appear at noon, afternoon, or night without being predictable. May arise while working in the office, was to market or other public places. Quite disturbing is not it? Fortunately nausea can reduce a variety of ways which we will discuss below.

Actually, what's the cause of morning sickness? Nausea that is often felt by young pregnant women is really due to the increase in hormones when a woman is pregnant, especially progesterone, estrogen, and hCG which will affect several organ function. In fact, there are facts that prove that the nausea will be experienced by 70 percent of pregnant women, while the condition of nausea accompanied by vomiting usually experienced by an estimated 50 percent of pregnant women. Such conditions would be quite disturbing activities of daily pregnant women. Therefore, there is no harm if you learn and know how to get rid of nausea during early pregnancy.

Nausea During Pregnancy Symptoms dangerous to Young?

Events sometimes accompanied by nausea and vomiting is usually experienced by pregnant women when entering the sixth week of pregnancy or before. And the peak will usually occur on the eighth to the ninth week of gestation. The question is, whether the symptoms of morning sickness pregnancy is dangerous or not?

Before discussing how to address the circumstances of nausea during early pregnancy, you should also know about how the effects of morning sickness for pregnant women who are young. The explanation is actually quite simple, because nausea is caused by hormonal changes in the body that are needed to support a pregnancy that nausea and vomiting are the perfectly natural.

Things need to be aware of nausea and vomiting are the if condition is deteriorating not only due to hormonal changes alone. The health problems that occur during pregnancy may exacerbate the nausea and vomiting experienced, can also occur Gravidarum Hyperemesis syndrome. This syndrome is when nausea and vomiting occur in greater frequency than the usual morning sickness and continuously. Morning sickness usually occurs only during the regular 14 weeks of her first pregnancy, whereas this syndrome can cause nausea and vomiting to more than 14 the week, sometimes there are cases where this happens continuously throughout pregnancy.

Conditions of severe nausea and vomiting and uncontrolled will make it difficult to accept the intake of food and drinking water any time you too will feel nauseous. This is highly likely to cause maternal dehydration can berakibut bad for the mother and fetus. If you have a condition that is as severe nausea and vomiting should be sent to the doctor to get treatment and care.

Some Ways to Overcome Nausea During Pregnancy First Trimester Young

To cope with morning sickness this condition, there are some simple and natural ways that can be done by the pregnant women, such as by doing some simple activities and also by eating some foods prevention of nausea during pregnancy.

Although nausea during early pregnancy is normal, but there is some way to at least reduce the nausea,

1. Get enough rest

Enough sleep and rest, reduce your daily activities, if necessary, take time off from work as long as necessary. Carefree and stress will also increase nausea during pregnancy so that when you do make sure you are well rested mind. Avoid doing jobs that require a lot of energy and also avoid doing activities that do not need.

2. Moderate exercise or relaxation

To keep in shape, a pregnant woman is advised to keep doing sports, but of course, you are advised to perform movements mild exercise. For example, with a walk in the mornings, afternoons, doing simple exercises at home, and so on. The light activity sufficiently reduce nausea you are feeling and also a positive impact on the health of the mother and the fetus in the womb. Do light exercise routinely during pregnancy. Read also: Here's 8 Movement Gymnastics Pregnancy Safe for Done.

3. Consumption of Fresh Fruits

For those of you who like to eat a snack, replace small foods with healthier snacks. One is a fruit, because the natural food has become one kind of food prevention of nausea during pregnancy. You can eat a variety of fruit you like. Especially is the type of fruits that contain antioxidants and vitamins. Keep in mind that there are some fruits such as pineapple, papaya, durian, pomegranate, and some other fruit species that is not recommended for consumption by pregnant women (see also: food cause miscarriage).

4. Adjust your diet

If daily before pregnancy you simply eat 3 to 4 times a day until full, during early pregnancy to reduce the nausea you should change the diet. Eat small amounts but in more frequent frequency effective to reduce nausea. Likewise with a drink, drink in the number of piecemeal. Do not drink for pregnant women easily become dehydrated. Not advisable to drink cold drinks.

5. Eating Ginger

How to cope with nausea during early pregnancy is next is to eat ginger. Not by eating raw ginger, yes. As we all know that ginger is one of the traditional herb that has many benefits for health. And in fact, ginger can also be used to help relieve nausea during early pregnancy. The trick is to mix the ginger into a glass of hot tea. Or you can also find natural ginger is usually sold in a variety of places. Avoid consumption of instant ginger drink that is sold in the market for various types of instant food unfavorable impact on pregnant women.

Well, that was a description of how the condition causes nausea or morning sickness in pregnant women younger. In addition we also explain about how to cope with nausea during early pregnancy. Not difficult, is not it? But if you feel that the morning sickness that you feel is very disturbing activity and more severe you should consult your health to a gynecologist. Perhaps indeed you are experiencing health problems that lead to nausea and vomiting incessantly. Thus our short article about some tips on pregnancy, hopefully this article can be useful.



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