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Without a Cure, This 4 Easy Tricks so the CHAPTER Smoothly

salutaryweb.com - Had problems are often difficult to defecate (BAB)? It must not tasty at all so when "business to back" is problematic. Especially when it constipation or constipation, it feels tormented.

CHAPTER smoothly so that there a number of ways you can do. Does not have to take medication, but there are a number of natural ways that are safer to be done regularly to CHAPTER always smooth. For more information, just yes follow the info below.

Drink Beverages Warm

Warm drinks can stimulate the digestive system. This can improve the performance of peristalsis (movement that occurs in the muscles of the digestive tract that cause such movement so that the wave effects suck / swallow food that goes into the digestive tract). If you want digestion more smoothly, can warm coffee consumption. Quoted from prevention.com, Satish Rao, MD, director of the Digestive Health Center at Augusta University in his research found that caffeinated coffee can increase the contraction in the gut which is 60% stronger than warm water, and 23% more intense than decaffeinated coffee. He explained that the content in coffee can trigger the production of certain hormones in the body that helps the process of defecation.

BAB with Squatting Position

Squat toilet could be an option that is more effective in order to BAB more smoothly. Due to the squat position, the muscles will be more relaxed puborectalis and anorectal angle widened, thus simplifying the process of spending feces.

Morning Wake Up More

Morning is the best time for a bowel movement. Because in the morning, which was active bowel to contract and gave the signal for the BAB. So that it can facilitate the process of spending feces. If you oversleep, this signal can be passed and BAB affairs could be hampered.

Area massage perineum

What is the perineum? The perineum is part of the anatomy which is located in the pelvis. This is the bottom part of the pelvic canal, which lies between the thighs. Giving a gentle massage in this area could help BAB process more smoothly. The researchers believe that giving a massage in the perineal area can help overcome the hard stools and make the process easier spending.

Routine drinking enough water each day can also help to process more smoothly BAB. If you have a problem with constipation or constipation that does not go away for days, you should immediately consult a doctor to get proper treatment, yes ladies



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